John Endacott Goddard VK6JG


John Endacott Goddard VK6JG

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Early years

Goddard was born on 23 October 1914 in the rural community of Wickepin, Western Australia


 Goddard became a radio amateur with callsign VK6JG

Enlistment in the RAAF

Goddard enlisted in 1941 in Perth.  He was sent to north Africa,
joining 454 Squadron.

Operation Thesis

A plan was hatched to displace the Germans from Crete.  The island was
heavily fortified.

Baltimore IIIa AG869

Goddard was the aerial gunner

Squadron 454's darkest day

Five out of eight aircraft were lost on 23 July 1943.  Goddard perished
with them.


Goddard's grave is on the island of Crete.  Some of Goddard's service files are now digitized in the National Archives of Australia, they can be located with his service number 406692