Lombard, Doubs plane crash 1 September 1944


1 September 1944

An RAF flight carrying six Australian and two British airmen crashes into a mountain in the French Jura


A remote location

A monument has been built at the site of the crash.  Remains of the aircraft are preserved there.  A ceremony was held after refurbishing the monument in 2018.

War graves

The bodies were brought to the Arc-et-Senans communal cemetery

The local community maintains the graves

A ceremony is held on 1 September each year to remember the sacrifice made by these young Australian and British airmen, "Les Aviateurs"

A joint tale of tragedy

Arc-et-Senans is also the site of the UNESCO-listed Royal Saltworks (Saline Royale).  It was used as a detention center for gypsies during World War II.

Lest We Forget

is written in French, N'Oublie Pas, at the bottom of this plaque.